Make Today the Best Day of Your Life!

Why not make today the best day of your life? By best day, I mean one where you feel great physically, mentally and emotionally. A day where you feel energetic, lean, focused and confident. What would it take to feel like this?

To start it would take some thought on what it is that makes you feel good. Think back to a time when you felt rested and calm or think about a time when you felt strong and confident.  What actions can you take to make you feel like that every day? When I think about feeling my best, the short list of actions I take includes getting 7-8 hours of sleep, eating limited sugar, participating in vigorous exercise, and allowing myself some extra self care (a massage, manicure, facial, long shower, lunch with a friend). Unfortunatley, life  can get busy and we (as women) tend to put ourselves behind everyone elses needs…especially when it comes to our families. Example….I’ll stay up late washing uniforms for a game the next day or not take a shower until 9pm b/c I choose to grocery shop, cook and help kids with homework before I take the time for myself.

Some things we have to do, and will involve taking up a good amount of our time…but what if we wrote down a list of the top three things we could do that would make us feel great each compromises. What if we wrote our workout down in the calendar and scheduled other events ( dr appts, meetings, appliance appts) around our time. What if we decided we would go to bed no later than 10pm and leave the laundry, emails, facebook for the next day? What if we had a family talk and discussed reducing the amount of sugar we all ate and compromised on one or two desserts a week? What if we scheduled a date with our husband once or twice a month and allowed ourselves some self care? Wouldn’t we all feel less stressed and more taken care of? Now you have an idea of what would be on my list :)

We always hear “life is short”, seize the moment….day…. each experience, but it’s hard to do that if we don’t recognize and honor the need to take care of ourselves. It’s almost selfish to our families NOT to take care of ourselves. On the days I don’t exercise, get enough sleep,  eat well, or at least get a hot shower before dark, I’m irritable and not in a good place to take good care of my family. On a more serious note,  letting self care go too long, possibly leading to illness  due to neglect of our own health and well being…. is much more selfish and stressful for the family. Take the time now to covet your body and appreciate all it can do when you take care of it.

Your homework this week is to write down three things you can do this month on a regular basis (shoot for everyday)that will improve your life and make you feel great! My list is

1. say an affirmation every morning when I get out of bed and do pushups while coffee brews to increase my energy and focus for each early morning class I teach

2. go to bed no later than 9:45pm to get at least 7 hours sleep so I feel energetic and productive at work, during my workouts and with my family

3. set aside 10-15 min a night to talk alone with my husband and catch up on our day-

What  are your top three? Write them down and  make sure at least one or two of them can be done daily so you feel great right away. This should take you no more than 5 minutes….we all know what we need to do to feel great, it’s just a matter of doing it consistently. Email me your top three and I will check in with you to see how you’re feeling!! Taking note of how you feel when you make small changes, is very motivating! We all have a motive in our actions, lets make it a positive one each day!!

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